This Young Boy Made A Video About His Little Brother To Honor His Short Life

For 12-year-old Luka Wolfgram, some of his fondest memories of his younger brother, Kosta, involved making short, funny videos.

However, this budding film director’s latest piece takes a much more serious tone. “Our Superheroes” serves as a heartbreaking call to action against childhood cancer, as well as a touching tribute to Luka’s younger brother.

Kosta passed away due to complications from a cancerous brain tumor. In just five and a half minutes of film, Luka paints a portrait of Kosta’s life and legacy, his disheartening battle with cancer, and what it feels like to deal with loss.

Make sure to have a box of tissues handy, because this young boy’s story will have you in tears.

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To learn more about childhood cancer and how you can help, head over to the American Cancer Society’s website.

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