Was Your Wedding A Bust? You May Have Made These 14 Mistakes

By Sydney Cruise of Cake and LaceCommunity Member

The wedding planning process unfortunately has a bad rap for being stressful and turning the calmest brides into Bridezillas. However, with the proper planning it can actually be one of the most enjoyable moments of your time spent together as a couple.

By avoiding these 14 common wedding planning mistakes, you and your fiancé will be able to focus on continuing to build your love and relationship rather than worrying about the little details.

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1. You haven’t prioritized the planning process.

While planning a wedding, certain things need to be decided before you can move onto the next decision. For example, you’ll need to have decided on your budget and have an idea of how large or small your guest list will be before you can choose a venue or even a style for your wedding. Make sure things are done in a chronological order that makes sense to avoid headaches or hiccups down the road.

2. You don’t have a set budget.

First and foremost, you need to sit down with each other and come to an agreement on your budget. You should allot a certain percentage of your budget to each part of your wedding based on your priorities (i.e. ceremony, wedding, flowers) so that throughout the planning process, you know how much you can spend on each aspect. This allows you to have a maximum number in mind while making every decision, and if you’re able to spend less than you budgeted for, you can apply the difference to another aspect or put some extra cash back in your pocket!

3. You’re doing it all on your own.

We all need help at one point or another. Consider hiring a wedding planner to help the whole way or simply coordinate on the big day. Professional planners are knowledgable and trained to stay on budget, deal with emergency situations, and much more that can really help to relieve stress and stay on track. Aside from a wedding planner, consider delegating tasks to your bridal party. They can help you stay in touch with vendors, coordinate with guests, put together favors, and so on.

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