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When They Said Goodbye To Their Mom, They Revealed This Awful Truth About Her

After 78-year-old Marianne Theresa Johnson-Reddick died on August 30, 2013, two of her eight children decided to finally reveal an awful truth about her. In a viciously worded obituary, they called her a “monster.”

The obituary was written by Patrick and Katherine Reddick, who claim that their mother was cruel and abusive. On top of verbally terrorizing them and beating them with steel-tipped belts, she also ran a prostitution ring out of their home. Often, the children were forced to sleep on the floor to give working women and clients access to their beds.

Patrick said that the obituary was meant to “shame her,” but the siblings also hope to incite a national conversation about the system’s treatment of abused children.

Listen and you’ll hear why these children celebrated their mother’s death by proclaiming, “Ding dong, the witch is dead!” Although Facebook pulled the obituary from circulation, it’s gone viral across the world on other sites.

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