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When They Saw These Post-It Notes, One Couple Decided To Change Their Baby's Name

Settling on a name for your unborn child can be a difficult task.

While it’s often hard for both Mom and Dad to agree on a name, Carri Kessler and her husband instantly knew what they were going to name their little girl. Kessler has a friend in the U.K. named Ottilie, and ever since becoming friends, Kessler knew she wanted to pass that name down to her child.

Unfortunately, there was one problem. While the name Ottilie sounds amazing in an English accent, it doesn’t sound quite so nice with an American accent. Still, they stood firm in their decision when the baby was born and named her Ottilie.

In the weeks following Ottilie’s birth, the couple began regretting their decision. No one could remember their daughter’s name, nor could they pronounce it.

The final nail coffin came when Kessler learned from her grandmother that despite having a collection of Post-It notes scattered around the house with the baby’s name on them, she still couldn’t remember it for the life of her.

After three months of mulling their mistake over, Kessler and her husband finally had the talk about changing Ottilie’s name. In a mass email sent out to close friends and family, Kessler notified everyone that the baby formerly known as Ottilie would now be known as Margot. Learn more in the video below!


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