You Definitely Aren't Prepared For The Cuteness This Girl And Her Poodle Will Bring

If you grew up with a dog by your side, you’ve likely shared many sweet moments together that you enjoy looking back on from time to time.

Simply put, dogs are amazing companions, and for some people, their pups are their first best friends. One little Japanese girl is making memories right now with her three furry siblings, one of whom holds a very special place in her heart. Get ready for a wave of nostalgia about your first childhood pet, because the bond this adorable toddler has with her favorite pup is almost too cute for words.

Meet one-year-old Mame and her large standard poodles, Gaku, Qoo, and Riku. Mame’s grandma loves taking photos of them hanging out and playing together. Who could blame her?

Mame loves all three dogs, but she’s especially close to one in particular.

There’s no doubt that Mame’s best friend is Riku, the largest and fluffiest of the two white poodles.

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