You'd Think These People Made Massive Life Changes, But They Just Cut Out One Thing

The people you’re about to see look like they’ve made major life changes, but they only cut out one thing: alcohol.

Getting sober is no easy task. I’ve watched several friends and family members try to set down the bottle for good, only to pick it right back up again. Often, sobriety is about a lot more than just quitting drinking. In addition to the physical addiction, many people need to deal with anxiety, depression, and other issues that made them crave alcohol in the first place.

The 10 people on this list have seen major changes in their health since leaving alcohol behind. Take a look.

1. After just 300 days sober, this guy looks completely different.

2. Redditer brittsuzanne says, “I put the vodka bottle down and checked myself into rehab. Eight and a half months sober now and 35 pounds lighter. I feel like myself again.”

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3. It’s incredible to see the life returning to this guy’s eyes and smile.

4. Seven months of sobriety have worked wonders on the bloating and redness in this guy’s face. Even his beard seems to have improved!

5. One year sober and he’s happier and more confident than ever!

6. This woman has been sober for five years and she looks 10 years younger. You go, girl!

7. Three months into his sobriety journey, this man reported, “25 pounds lost. About 100,000 calories of drunk food and alcohol not consumed, saved about $1,600. Rebuilt my mountain bike with money saved. My family life has improved 100 percent and I’m not living a lie anymore.”

8. Although many people lose weight when they get sober, being healthy is about a lot more than a number on a scale. After six months with no alcohol, this woman’s whole demeanor has changed.

9. As this guy shared, he’s lost 50 pounds after a year of no drinking, but the change in quality of life has been “most profound.”

10. From the first picture, taken after a night of heavy drinking, to the last, 75 days later, this woman has a whole new outlook on life. And she looks incredible!

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If you or someone you know needs advice about getting sober, call the National Alcoholism and Substance Abuse Information Center at 1-800-784-6776. You can also join an online community of support on Reddit.

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