20 Pets That Just Aren't Really Into The Whole 'Working Out' Situation

Imagine not having to work at all, having zero responsibilities, and being able to lie around and sleep whenever you want without feeling guilty about it.

Sounds like living the dream, right? Well, that’s something our furry little friends get to enjoy every day. Whether they’re blissfully snoozing or just can’t be bothered to move even an inch, many of our beloved cats, dogs, and other pets share the same trait — they love being lazy. Here’s all the adorable proof you need!

1. If only we could all be like this dog when we call into work and just be able to honestly say, “I’m not sick. I’m just lazy.”

2. “Push-ups? More like stay-downs.”


3. What else are hoomans for if not to carry you when you’re tired of hiking?

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