28 Incredible Real-Life Trolls That'll Have You Laughing All Day Long

Whether they’re hiding under a bridge or hiding behind a computer screen, trolls are everywhere.

And while they can sometimes be disrespectful and outright mean, every now and again, a few funny, good-natured trolls come along to make us laugh. Whether they’re using GIFs to win an intense debate in the comments section or faking offense for the sake of a laugh, trolling is here to stay.

And when it comes to hilarity, these 28 genius trolls are a cut above the rest.

1. This guy replaced his parents’ Jesus photo with one of Obi Wan Kenobi and after three months, they still haven’t noticed.

2. In this family, you’ve gotta work for your money.

3. So that’s why everyone in the office has been barking out commands to no avail.

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