She Was Looking At Paintings When She Saw Something Odd. Then She Turned Around.

Every time I visit any big city, I always make sure to reserve some time to take in the local art scene or plan a trip to an art museum.

And nothing quite compares to the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City. With its perfect blend of classic paintings and modern exhibits, the Met is a place where old school art enthusiasts and today’s rising talents can come together to explore their creativity. So when it came time for this man to propose to his art-loving girlfriend, he knew he wanted to incorporate the Met’s magic into his grand proposal.

Weeks ahead of time, Chris had every detail of the proposal locked in place, down to even the dress he wanted his girlfriend, Marybeth, to wear.

The happy couple started their romantic afternoon at the Met exploring the various galleries while Chris’s brother and sister-in-law took off sneakily to hang a special painting made by Chris depicting the impending proposal.

Given the signal, Chris took Marybeth to a room filled with works by her her favorite artist, Pablo Picasso, where they stopped directly in front of the out-of-place painting.

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