They Went To Move One Of Their Son's Toys. Then They Saw The Flames.

Two Florida parents are terrified to think about what would have happened to their little boy if he’d been riding his Tonka dump truck when it caught fire.

Sheena Haney says her husband had been moving their three-year-old son’s toy when it began burning. “He kept putting it out with the hose and it just kept catching on fire and the wheels just kept running,” she said. They were obviously shocked and horrified this could happen, which is why they decided to record and share the incident as a warning to other parents.

While according to Action News Jax, Toys R Us had issued a recall for the truck in May, it had warned that the acceleration pedal can stick — not that the toy was a fire hazard.

As it turns out, this wasn’t an isolated incident. Last year, another one of the toys caught fire in Washington.

Dynacraft, the company that makes Tonka trucks, did send an engineer to the family’s house to look at the toy. Learn more in the video below.


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